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Our Story

As one of the oldest LAN centers in the world, Dreamlab Gaming originally started as a computer tutoring class. Eventually, computer learning turned into computer gaming, with the original founder, Steven, setting up a small LAN center with folding tables and chairs. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a great gaming experience to our friends, customers, and fellow gamers. We have employed advanced network systems, and well balanced gaming computers for our customers to enjoy. We wish to spread the, “old times” gaming culture where friends get together to play on LAN!

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Our Team

Senior Systems Engineer

Drew Kimura

As a project manager for many LAN events including Dreamhack, Drew is in charge of network stability systems.

Lead Marketer & Design

Nagi Chan

An experienced twitch streamer, TikToker and Instagramer, Nagi is a marketing pro that keeps users coming back to Dreamlab for their gaming needs.


Max Yang

A versatile entrepreneur and the third owner and operator of Dreamlab- Max Yang has grown Dreamlab into a world-class LAN center, events center, and a content creation space.